For The Go 2 Guys, craftsmanship and great service is a family tradition.

Two Generations of Painting Expertise

Our story begins 5 decades ago.

The year was 1970 — Valparaiso, Chile.

Ruben Fierro Sr. had just finished an apprenticeship as a house painter and decorator and was embarking on his new life with his wife Luisa and soon-to-be born daughter. A few years passed and all was well, when the unthinkable happened.

In 1973, Chile underwent a major change of regime and a ruthless military dictator came into power. Many innocent civilians were rounded up as political prisoners. Sadly, Ruben Sr. was one of them… but fortunately he survived. After a very difficult series of years he was eventually freed, but forced into exile and to leave his beloved homeland.

``A few years passed, when the unthinkable happened.``

Ruben Sr. sought asylum and freedom in Canada. His first stop was Winnipeg, Manitoba where he had his 2nd and 3rd children, the last being his son Ruben Fierro Jr. Ruben Sr. had worked several odd jobs to get by due to the language barrier, until he was finally given a chance and hired by a reputable painting and decorating company. He did not disappoint and his work ethic and quality was constantly praised.

Unfortunately, after a couple of years work began to slow down, causing Ruben Sr. and his family to travel further west to Calgary, Alberta in search of better opportunities. The move proved to be wise, as he was promptly hired by one of the city’s busiest painting companies of that era, where he perfected his craft and developed much valuable experience. Ruben Sr. rose to the rank of foreman and worked with the company for many years to come.

As his son grew older, Ruben Sr. began to bring him to work as his apprentice after school and during summer breaks, and taught him the fine art of painting. After many years,  Ruben Sr. decided it was time to try something new and start his own small business alongside his son – together, they worked tirelessly to create Ruben’s Painting & Decorating which prided itself in quality craftsmanship. Ruben Sr. became synonymous with great quality and excellent customer service and they gained a reputable name in the city for many years until 2013 when Ruben Sr. sadly lost his battle with colon cancer.

``As his son grew older, Ruben Sr. taught him the fine art of painting.``

Ruben Jr. vowed to carry on the family tradition of painting and created “The Go 2 Guys Ltd.” with close family friend and entrepreneur Ali Ahmed. Together, they carry on his fathers spirit and pride themselves on providing the high quality work that Ruben Jr. and the rest of the team produce.

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